Let's Play Ball! How Sleep Affects the National Pastime

Dr. Ravi Allada, Professor at Northwestern University, has combed through the statistics from decades of MLB games, and has discovered one specific statistic that is profoundly impacted by jet lag.

As we begin the 2019 PostSeason in MLB, Neil talks to Dr. Allada about the role circadian rhythms play in America's national pastime, and in other sports as well.

In Part 2, we meet up with Dan Shulman from ESPN (or as Neil prefers to call him, The Voice of Major League Baseball) and talk about what it's like traveling to a different city every night to cover the games and what impact that has on his own sleep, and we get his thoughts on Dr. Allada's study and others like it.


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Neil Hedley

Neil Hedley spent three decades helping people wake up as a morning radio host. Now, he's trying to help them sleep, after battling insomnia since the age of six. Neil is also a bestselling author, television personality, and runs a podcast production facility and advertising & content creation company on Vancouver Island.

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